Wildwood's Past Dates:

02-11-06: Elkins WinterFest, Elkins, AR
02-10-06: Arsaga's, Crossover, Fayetteville, AR
01-11-06: George's Majestic, Fayetteville, AR
12-10-05: The Oyster Bar, Fort Smith, AR
12-08-05: George's Majestic, Fayetteville, AR
12-03-05: Shooters, Fort Smith, AR
12-02-05: Shooters, Fort Smith, AR
11-19-05: Scarpino's, Family Show, Fayetteville, AR
11-16-05: Sticky Fingerz, Little Rock, AR
11-12-05: Benefit, Hendrix College, Conway, AR
11-11-05: The Oyster Bar, Fort Smith, AR
10-29-05: Shooters, Fort Smith, AR
10-28-05: Shooters, Fort Smith, AR
10-26-05: The Gypsy, Fayetteville, AR
10-19-05: Juanita's, Acoustic Show, Little Rock, AR
10-14-05: Ole Applegate Fair, Bentonville, AR
10-13-05: Ole Applegate Fair, Bentonville, AR
10-12-05: Ole Applegate Fair, Bentonville, AR
10-08-05: Greek Theater, Fayetteville, AR
10-01-05: Flatrock Barn Dance, Fayetteville, AR
09-29-05: Mike's Tavern, Kansas City, MO
09-25-05: Arsaga's, Fayetteville, AR
09-24-05: Harvest Music Festival, Bentonville, AR
09-23-05: Harvest Music Festival, Bentonville, AR
09-22-05: The Bar Next Door, Springfield, MO
09-21-05: Sodie's Underground, Fayetteville, AR
09-10-05: Jose's Springdale, Springdale, AR
09-09-05: Rita's Birthday Bash, Kansas City, MO
09-08-05: Sticky Fingerz, Little Rock, AR
09-04-05: Zoe Bluegrass Jam, Zoe, MO
09-03-04: Zoe Bluegrass Jam, Zoe, MO
09-02-05: Kitchen Pass, Joplin, MO
08-27-05: Eureka Bluegrass Fest, Eureka Springs, AR
08-26-05: The Kitchen Pass, Joplin, MO
08-20-05: LOVE FEST, Goodnight, MO
08-12-05: Chelsea's, Eureka Springs, AR
07-30-05: The Jones Center Concert Series, Springdale, AR
07-29-05: The Gypsy, Fayetteville, AR
07-25-05: The Bluebird, Bloomington, IN
07-24-05: Flea Market, Bargersville, IN
07-24-05: The Bait Shop, Bloomington, IN
07-23-05: House to Home Radio show, Bloomington, IN
07-22-05: Payton Hog Roast, Elletsville, IN
07-16-05: The Bar Next Door, Springfield, MO
07-15-05: Goodfolk Productions Concert, Fayetteville, AR
07-14-05: AETN Presents, Conway, AR
07-09-05: Schwagstock, Zoe, MO
07-08-05: Schwagstock, Zoe, MO
07-01-05: The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS
06-30-05: The Rib Room, Ft. Smith, AR
06-24-05: Scarpino's, Fayetteville, AR
06-20-05: The Gypsy, Fayetteville, AR
06-18-05: Q and Brew, Carthage, MO
06-15-05: The Ruta Maya, Austin, TX
06-14-05: Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX
05-26-05: Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, TX
05-20-05: The Venue, Tulsa, OK
05-19-05: The Bar Next Door, Springfield, MO
05-13-05: Green Party Benefit, Copper Bar, Fayetteville, AR
05-06-05: Loyal Family Zoe Jam Festival, Zoe, MO
04-30-05: The Copper Bar, Fayetteville, AR
04-29-05: The Oyster Bar, Ft. Smith, AR
04-23-05: Springfest, OMNI Stage, Fayetteville, AR
04-22-05: The Outland Ballroom, Springfield, MO
04-16-05: Patton Alley; Springfield, MO
04-15-05: The Bar Next Door; Springfield, MO
04-14-05: Davey's Uptown; Kansas City, MO
04-09-05: Mike's Tavern; Kansas City, MO
04-08-05: 5 Squirrels; Fayetteville, AR
03-26-05: Homeless sheleter benefit; Fatetteville, AR
03-24-05: Texas Cafe; Lubbock, TX
03-22-05: Connor O'Neals; Ft. Collins, CO
03-20-05: Dulcinea's 100th Monkey; Denver, CO
03-19-05: Cactus Jack's; Evergreen, CO
03-18-05: Victoria Tavern; Salida, CO
03-17-05: Boot Hill; Steamboat Springs, CO
03-16-05: The Black Nugget; Carbondale, CO
03-11-05: Mountainview Bluegrass Festival: Mountainview, AR
03-05-05: Patton Alley; Springfield, MO

03-04-05: Mike's Tavern; Kansas City, MO
03-03-05: Boston's; Tulsa, OK
02-26-05: 5 Squirrels; Fayetteville, AR
02-20-05: George's - Tsunami Relief Show; Fayetteville, AR
02-18-05: Chelsea's; Eureka Springs, AR
02-12-05: AR Canoe Club Party; Turner Bend, AR
02-05-05: Bayard at Arsega's; Fayetteville, AR
02-04-05: J Michaels; Ft. Smith, AR
02-03-05: Davey's Uptown; Kansas City, MO
02-02-05: The Bottleneck; Lawrence, KS
02-01-05: 5 Squirrels - Tsunami Relief Show; Fayetteville, AR
01-29-05: Accoustic Showdown; UofA, Conway, AR
01-28-05: 5 Squirrels; Fayetteville, AR
01-27-05: Juanita's - Musician's Showcase; Little Rock, AR
01-22-05: Oyster Bar; Ft. Smith, AR
01-21-05: Uncle Bently's; Tulsa, OK
01-20-05: Bayard at The Hub; Fayetteville, AR
01-15-05: The Outland; Springfield, MO
01-14-05: Juanita's; Little Rock, AR
01-08-05: Uncle Bently's; Tulsa, OK
12-18-04: Chelsea's; Eureka Springs, AR
12-17-04: Coolwater; Fayetteville, AR
12-11-04: George's; Fayetteville, AR
12-10-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
12-09-04: Coolwater; Fayetteville, AR
12-04-04: 5 Squirrels; Fayetteville, AR
12-05-04: The Dart Room; Fayetteville, AR
12-02-04: Juanita's; Little Rock, AR
11-29-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
11-22-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
11-20-04: Patton Alley; Springfield, MO

11-18-04: The Venue; Tulsa, OK
11-17-04: The Powerhouse; Fayetteville, AR
11-15-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
11-13-04: Ozark Natural Foods; Fayetteville, AR
11-12-04: Ron's Place; Fayetteville, AR
11-11-04: The Bayou Club; Rogers, AR
11-10-04: Sodie's; Fayetteville, AR
11-08-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
11-07-04: OMNI Open Mic for Peace; Fayetteville, AR
11-06-04: AR Canoe Club Party; Ft. Smith, AR
11-05-04: Oyster Club; Ft. Smith, AR
11-01-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
10-29-05: Turtle Head Raw Bar; Joplin, MO
10-25-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
10-22-04: Juanita's; Little Rock, AR
10-18-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
10-15-04: Old Applegate Place Festival; Bentonville, AR
10-15-04: Bayard Plays Arsega's; Fayetteville, AR
10-14-04: Old Applegate Place Festival; Bentonville, AR
10-11-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
10-07-04: Eureka Springs Folk Festival; Eureka Springs, AR
10-04-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
09-27-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
09-23-04: Juanita's; Little Rock, AR
09-20-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
09-18-04: George's - CD Release Party; Fayetteville, AR
09-11-04: Lakefest Festival; Beaver Lake, AR
09-05-04: Zoe Bluegrass Jam; Zoe, MO
09-04-04: Zoe Bluegrass Jam; Zoe, MO
08-15-04: The Powerhouse; Fayetteville, AR
08-06-04: JR's Lightbulb Club; Fayetteville, AR
08-05-04: Roxy's Roost; Tahlequah, OK
07-29-04: Juanita's; Little Rock, AR
07-22-04: Young Ave. Deli; Memphis, TN
07-19-04: Uncle Fester's; Bloomington, IN
07-17-04: Mike and Molly's; Champaign, IL
07-16-04: The Mad Frog; Cinncinnatti, OH
07-14-04: The Long Branch; Carbondale, IL
07-13-04: Mojo's; Colombia, MO
07-12-04: The Outland; Springfield, MO
07-09-04: George's; Fayetteville, AR
07-03-04: Freedom Fest; Fayetteville, AR
06-26-04: Elk Fest; Jasper, AR
06-19-04: Elkins Community Center; Elkins, AR
06-17-04: The Powerhouse; Fayetteville, AR
05-21-04: Malloy's; Kansas City, MO
05-08-04: Bikes, Boats & Bluegrass Fest; Springdale, AR
05-07-04: The Copper Bar - Indie Media; Fayetteville, AR
04-24-04: George's; Fayetteville, AR
04-09-04: The Smokehouse; Fayetteville, AR
03-27-04: Dickson St. Theater - Homeless benefit; Fayetteville, AR
03-26-04: Spring Music Festival; Leslie, AR
03-20-04: Robin Plays Peace Rally; Fayetteville, AR
03-14-04: Ozark Natty Foods Owner Meeting; Fayetteville, AR
03-13-04: Rochier Heights Nursing Home; Fayetteville, AR
03-12-04: Bayou Club; Rogers, AR
03-05-04: Mike's Tavern; Kansas City, MO
02-14-04: Chelsea's; Eureka Springs, AR
02-01-04: Robin Plays at OMNI; Fayetteville, AR
01-31-04: Mike's Tavern; Kansas City, MO
01-30-04: Jerry's Bait Shop; Kansas City, MO
01-20-04: Homeless Shelter CD Release Party; Fayetteville, AR
01-10-04: The Bayou Club; Rogers, AR
01-02-04: Stella Blue; Albuquerque, NM
12-31-03: The Victoria Tavern, Salida, CO
12-29-03: The Southern Sun, Boulder, CO
12-28-03: Cecilia's, Breckenridge, CO
12-27-03: Jony G's Upstairs, Frisco, CO
12-26-03: Cervante's, Denver, CO
12-06-03: Chester's, Fayetteville, AR
11-22-03: Roxy's Roost, Tahlequah, OK
11-15-03: Jerry's Bait Shop, Kansas City, MO
11-13-03: MEIC Showcase, Nashville, TN
11-08-03: Chester's, Fayetteville, AR
11-05-03: KXUA Fundraiser, Fayetteville, AR
10-25-03: The Bar Next Door, Springfield, MO
10-17-03: The Bayou Club, Rogers, AR
10-10-03: My Club, Joplin, MO
09-26-03: The Great Unknown Music Fest, Fayetteville, AR
09-21-03: Winfest Festival, Arkansas
09-20-03: Togetherfest, Fayetteville, AR
09-12-03: The Gypsy, Fayetteville, AR
09-11-03: KXUA Local Show, KXUA Studio, Fayetteville, AR
09-03-03: Great Unknown Party - Chester's, Fayetteville, AR
08-29-03: Chester's, Fayetteville, AR
08-28-03: The Powerhouse, Fayetteville, AR
08-24-03: Chelsea's, Eureka Springs, AR
08-23-03: Eureka Springs Bluegrass Fest, E.S, AR
08-17-03: ONF Owner's Picnic, Fayetteville, AR
08-09-03: Chester's, Fayetteville, AR
08-02-03: Jerry's Bait Shop, Kansas City, MO
08-01-03: Davey's Uptown, Kansas City, MO
07-20-03: Eureka Fat Tire Fest, Eureka Springs, AR
07-19-03: George's Majestic, Fayetteville, AR
07-13-03: Common Grounds, Denver, CO
07-12-03: Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO
07-11-03: Cactus Jack's, Evergreen, CO
07-10-03: Tracks, Leadville, CO
07-09-03: Jony G's Upstairs, Frisco, CO
07-07-03: Sancho's Broken Arrow, Denver, CO
07-06-03: Acoustic Cafe - Bluegrass Jam, Nederland, CO
07-05-03: Penny Lane, Boulder, CO
07-04-03: Ned-Mex Cafe, Nederland, CO
07-02-03: The Victorian Tavern, Salida, CO
07-01-03: Coyote Cantina, Buena Vista, CO
06-27-03: Stella Blue, Albuquerque, NM
06-25-03: Paramount Theater, Sante Fe, NM
06-24-03: The Blue Note, Amarillo, TX
06-14-03: The Gypsy, Fayetteville, AR
06-12-03: Dan's Silverleaf, Denton, TX
06-11-03: Club Dada, Dallas, TX
06-10-03: Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX
05-24-03: The Gypsy, Fayetteville, AR
05-22-03: The Powerhouse, Fayetteville, AR
05-10-03: Together Fest, Fayetteville, AR
05-03-03: The Bar Next Door, Springfield, MO
05-02-03: The Rib Room, Ft. Smith, AR
04-22-03: Earth Day - Greek Theater, UA Fayetteville, AR
04-20-03: Powerhouse, Fayetteville, AR
04-19-03: Springfest - OMNI Stage, Fayetteville, AR
04-17-03: NAMA - Dickson St. Theater, Fayetteville, AR
04-12-03: Jilly's on Broadway, Kansas City, MO
04-11-03: Corner Cocktails, Kansas City, MO
04-05-03: Chester's, Fayetteville, AR
03-30-03: Cancer Benefit - Dave's on Dickson, Fayetteville, AR
03-29-03: International Fest, Springdale, AR
03-28-03: Roxy's Roost, Tahlequah, OK
02-28-03: Grubbs, Fayetteville, AR
02-15-03: KERM Radio, Springdale, AR
02-15-03: George's Majestic, Fayetteville, AR
02-13-03: Sticky Fingerz, Little Rock, AR
02-07-03: Folk Alliance, Nashville, TN
02-06-03: Folk Alliance, Nashville, TN
01-30-03: Dave's on Dickson, Fayetteville, AR
01-25-03: Chester's - CD Release Party, Fayetteville, AR



















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