Other Wildwood MP3s:

From the Ruta Maya, Austin, TX, 2005:
Wild Bill Jones - Aldridge
So Hard
Workin Man
Run Ely Run
Kentucky Mandolin - Repo Man
41 (The Horror Song) - Miner's Lament

From our Home Studio Recordings:
Darlin' Corey (Traditional)
Fiddle Dee Dee (by Bayard)
Repo Man (by Jason)
Workin' Man Blues (by Robin)

Misc. Recordings:
Robin's activist song: God Bless My SUV
Piano solo from 2nd CD: Goodbye
Old solo stuff from Robin: Hey-O
Old solo stuff from Robin: Right
Jason's Kid band The Puddlestompers: Jasmine
New Solo song from Robin: Mountain Girl
New Solo song from Robin: Love and Trust
Home Recording from Robin: Sweet Misery
Home Recording from Robin: Going Down

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